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Metrotom 800 – Zeiss

GLN possesses a ZEISS, Metrotom 800 industrial tomography measurement system, in its new metrology facility. Metrotom 800 is ideal for measuring the internal and external geometry of plastic, ceramic or composite parts. X-ray tube computed tomography technology with micro-focus allows the measurement and inspection of plastic parts in accordance with the precision requirements of our customers.

Extremely small focal points allow for clear projection images on the detector, which is the basis for highly accurate measurements. The ZEISS METROTOM 800 detector offers almost 3 million pixels for detailed recognition with the highest degree of accuracy.

Unlike traditional measuring methods, tomography technology is significantly faster in capturing numerous measurement points. The transformation of the cloud points into a file for measuring in. STL format, allows for measuring in several dimensional control software. The resulting measurements are accurate and traceable.

In traditional measuring technology hidden structures can only be inspected after cutting or destruction of the parts, through tomography we can obtain files through surface information and internal porosity.

It is a differentiating service!

CT-SCAN Computer Tomography

Scan to Technical Plastic Parts


1900 x 1512 pixels

Measurement Volume
Ø110 x 150 mm

Combined Measurement Volume
Ø110 x 220 mm

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