GLN develops with Delta the 1st 100% organic coffee capsule

GLN develops with Delta the 1st 100% organic coffee capsule 1024 576 GLN Plast

On May the 15th, 2019, the Delta event was held in Lisbon under the theme of sustainability.

The event’s main attraction was the plastic-free, 100% organic and biodegradable coffee capsule developed by the GLN team, the Nabeiro Group innovation center, Diverge, Lipor and the University of Minho.

Totally biodegradable, the new capsule has no plastic, microplastics or aluminum. It is composed of biological and vegetable based material consisting of corn, sugar cane and cassava, achieving the first 100% organic coffee capsule in the Portuguese market.

This was another important step in the partnership between GLN and Delta, who worked for two and a half years on this development.

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